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The regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 for construction products - Construction Products Regulation (CPR) - demands additionally a declaration
of performance for construction products instead of the EC declaration of conformity.

If a construction product meets all requirements of a harmonized European standard, it is granted the CE mark after a successful type
testing and during ongoing factory production controls. The CE mark for the conformity of the construction product must correspond to
the performance indicated in the declaration of performance of the manufacturer or his representative.

Meanwhile the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 574/2014 entered into force on 21st February 2014 amending Annex III to the
CPR on the model to be used for drawing up a declaration of performance on construction products. Declarations of performance issued
before the entry into force of this Regulation, which comply with the CPR and the initial Annex III thereto, shall be deemed to comply with
this Regulation.

A declaration of performance is available for the following GOK construction products: 

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Limit Indicator type GWD and GWS - edition 2013

Nr. GWD & GWS-EU-BauPVO-DE-2013-07-18

No. GWD & GWS-CPR-EN-2013-07-18

No GWD & GWS-CPR-FR-2013-09-19

Nr. GWD & GWS-CPR-PL-2013-07-25

Nr. GWD & GWS-CPR-NL-2013-09-30

Nr. GWD & GWS-CPR-CZ-2013-12-02

Nr. GWD & GWS-CPR-LT-2013-12-02
replaces edition 2018

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Limit Indicator type GWD - edition 2018

Nr. GWD-EU-BauPVO-DE-2018-12-10

No. GWD-CPR-EN-2018-12-10

No GWD-CPR-FR-2018-12-10

Nr. GWD-CPR-PL-2018-12-10

Nr. GWD-CPR-NL-2018-12-10

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Limit Indicator type GWS - edition 2018

Nr. GWS-EU-BauPVO-DE-2018-08-01

No. GWS-CPR-EN-2018-08-01

No GWS-CPR-FR-2018-08-01

Nr. GWS-CPR-PL-2018-08-01

Nr. GWS-CPR-NL-2018-08-01

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Leakage Warning Device type LWG 2000 - edition 2014

Nr. LWG2000-EU-BauPVO-DE-2014-09-01

No. LWG2000-EU-CPR-EN-2014-09-09

Nr. LWG2000-CPR-PL-2017-11-28

No. LWG2000-CPR-FR-2018-03-01

Nr. LWG2000-CPR-NL-2018-03-01

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Leak Detector type LAG 2000 A and 16 SC.R - edition 2017

Nr. LAG2000–EU-BauPVO–DE–2017-06-09

No. LAG2000–CPR–EN–2017-06-09

No LAG2000–CPR–FR–2017-06-09

Nr LAG2000–CPR–PL–2017-06-09

Nr. LAG2000–CPR–NL–2017-06-09

No LAG2000–CPR–ES–2017-06-09

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