31.07.2017 - Care-free package for shop operators

Are you a specialist dealer selling GOK products? In this case
you have probably heard of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG
in Germany). But do you also know all details of this law?

For example, do you know that major legal issues might arise
if the dealer repackages original products? Let’s assume that
the specialist dealer does not add the assembly and operating
manual to their own new packing. Or there is an error in the type
identification of the product on the label.

The consequence is always: No legal conformity.

Transfer of obligations to the dealer
Many also forget the passage which says that all obligations of
the manufacturer are transferred to the dealer once the goods
are presented in an own packing or own labelling.

If you wish to avoid possible issues, but at the same time do not
want to do without a visually appealing presentation in your
shop, we have the right solution at hand.

You will find valuable information in the GOK blog article
"How do I present GOK products at the Point of Sale (POS)
in conformity with the law?"
(only available in German
language, please ask us for more information if required).