24.03.2017 - Prepare your gas-powered barbecue for the season

When the days begin to get sunnier and the nights get warmer,
people bring out their barbecues again. In recent years there has
been a genuine boom in barbecues, and for many people they
are much more than just a hobby or a means of preparing food.
In addition to classic charcoal barbecues, gas-powered
barbecues are now firmly established as an alternative.

Cooking with LPG is fast, environmentally-friendly and clean,
and the cooked food tastes excellent. In addition, cooking with
an LPG barbecue is also very safe - as long as certain rules are
followed. When using a gas-powered barbecue for the first time
after it has spent the winter in the garage or the cellar, it is
particularly important to check all of its components before

Unfortunately, many people simply do a quick check to make
sure it is working. That is not enough, however. It is also
important to check all of the components "under the gas-
powered barbecue" which are situated between the gas
cylinder and the gas burner - such as the pressure regulator,
the hose line and the excess flow device. We have compiled
a special article in our GOK-Blog detailing everything you
should do before you begin cooking with your barbecue again.