12.11.2018 - Chic in black

Those likely to be seeking a new pressure regulator for their gas-powered barbecue in the near future are advised to look out for a product with a chic black finish. After all, that is the colour of the brand new barbecue regulators from GOK.

It is the first range of pressure regulators to be especially adapted to the requirements of LPG barbecue cooking. Users can choose between the standard model of the BASIC barbecue regulator and the PRO barbecue regulator.

The PRO version stands out with its integrated overpressure safety device - compulsory for professionals -, a manometer for the easy leak testing, as well as an extended inlet nozzle. This means that the PRO barbecue regulator is the perfect match with the increasingly popular BBQ gas cylinders that have a filling weight of eight kilograms.

The barbecue regulators are immediately available at specialist retailers and are part of a complete range for the area of grill & barbecue.