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Picture Price List 2018

15.11.2017 - New picture price lists 2018 in German

With the picture price lists 2018 GOK presents again a complete
program which has been perfectly developed for each line of
business with many new components, solutions and systems
for the sectors oil firing installations, LPG installations, LPG in
leisure time and modern tank management.

In addition to all products, you will find in the price lists numerous
illustrated application examples and extensive additional
information on equipment, technique and regulations for a quick
selection of the correct product.

The new picture price lists 2018 will be sent out to customers as
of 27th November 2017.

You can download the german picture price lists as pdf files in
our download section as of 27th November 2017.

The new gross prices 2018 can be downloaded in our
service section as Datanorm 4 and excel files.

13.09.2017 - GOK presents a video of a leak test of a LPG bottle construction

How to ensure the ready to use condition of the LPG
bottle construction without big efforts and in short time?
No matter because of a simplified leak check!

We show in the first video tutorial from GOK how you should
put the testing into practice and what to take in consideration.
For the first time we show the bubbles described in many cases
shown in the liquid of the leak tester if the construction of the
application is leaky.

Generally the mentioned leak test does not make any difference
neither the to be tested application supplies a gas barbeque or
patio heater, nor if it is installed on a caravan, boat or mobile
home. The simplified leak check is the same for all applications.

Only one click to get the video. Who is permanent interested
in useful information about LPG may subscribe our YouTube

03.08.2017 - Successful Introduction of Energy Management System according to ISO 50 001

The efficient use of all forms of energy is an important element
for the sustainable development of our company. We wish to
preserve natural resources and avoid additional polluting of the
atmosphere, e.g. with greenhouse gases. In our view, economy
and ecology are not mutually exclusive, but always complement
each other when costs can be cut permanently through the use
of modern and efficient systems. One example is our cogener-
ation unit which helped us not only to reduce considerably our
procurement of electricity, but also to use produced heat for
room and hall heating, for the paint shop as well as for the
absorption refrigeration system. We have introduced an
energy management system that has been certified
successfully. On this basis we will pursue and implement
the objectives that we set for the energy consumption in our

04.08.2017 - GOK present their primer for gas barbecues

According to a survey conducted by the German online portal
Statista, almost one in nine interviewees preferably barbecue
with LPG. Even though charcoal and electric barbecues are
still the top dogs, sizzling with gas clearly gains ground. Similar
to the other energy forms, barbecue experts in Europe should
bear a few things in mind when it comes to gas barbecues and
especially their components.

It is impossible to operate a gas barbecue without pressure
regulator and hose assembly. Unfortunately, too little attention
is sometimes paid to these parts, the so-called peripheral
equipment. We believe that this is wrong, because the focus
should also be on these safety-relevant components as it is on
the gas barbecue itself when it is time for the regular check-up.

To support all chefs in their striving for a safe barbecue, we have
published a type of primer for gas barbecues in that you will find
many helpful tips, technical details, answers to frequently asked
questions and illustrated guides.

You can download here the interactive PDF with links to suitable
products, detailed information and expert tips.

To the right you will find the download of the interactive PDF with
links to suitable products, detailed information and expert tips.

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