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25.01.2019 - GOK has many reasons to celebrate

As part of the annual Christmas party, the regulators and fittings manufacturer GOK from Marktbreit honoured a total of 28 employees for their many years of loyalty to the company. In addition, the medium-sized company celebrated its 50th anniversary with a prominent surprise guest and reported an extremely successful business year.

Specially due to the company´s 50-year anniversary, the GOK Christmas party on 20 December 2018 took place at the Vogel Convention Center in the Zellerau area of Würzburg. In addition to all the employees, the tradition-steeped Marktbreit firm also invited individuals who have accompanied the company on its path for many years.

Managing Director Gerald Unger opened the ceremony with his speech on the financial year past. For the fifth time in succession, GOK increased its annual turnover, this time to its current level of EUR 42 million. "We can look back at one of the most successful financial years in the company´s 50-year history," says Unger. The number of employees, at approximately 330, was also at a record level in 2018.

Owner and Managing Director Dieter Kleine directed his thanks to each and every employee: "Without the great dedication and the motivation of our employees, such a year would not have been possible at all!" He reviewed the past 50 years of GOK’s history as a company and sees the company as very well positioned for the future in all areas.

The honouring of the staff members was conducted by Dieter Kleine together with his daughter and successor Evelyn Kleine as well as Gerald Unger. A total of 28 employees were given a distinction for the many years of loyalty to the company.

After the starter and main course buffet by FR Catering from Eibelstadt, a special highlight awaited all the celebrants: Franconian satirist Oliver Tissot entered the stage and amused those present with unique punch lines and plays on words - specially tailored to GOK and its context.

17.12.2018 - The smart way of avoiding a sudden gas shortage

How much is left in the gas cylinder, and above all else: how much longer will the gas last? Two key questions which anyone who operates LPG systems asks themselves - whether they’re having a barbecue, staying in a caravan, enjoying their leisure time, or they’re a chef using a gas hob. Senso4s finally provides reliable answers to these questions.

The system consists of a filling level gauge and an accompanying app (for Android and iOS), and is very easy to operate:

  • Adjust the flexible and telescopic supporting feet of the Senso4s to the size of the underside of the gas cylinder
  • Download the app and activate the Bluetooth connection when prompted
  • Place the gas cylinder on the Senso4s
  • Transfer of the measurement data to the app via Bluetooth and display of the filling level in percent by volume

The system stands out with two big plus points: Starting from the second measurement, the user receives a forecast on how long the gas in the cylinder is likely to last. And if the filling level of the gas cylinder falls below a freely selectable value, the user receives a push notification on their smartphone or tablet PC.

Picture Price List 2019

21.11.2018 - New picture price lists 2019 in German

With the picture price lists 2019 GOK presents a complete
program which has been developed for each line of business
with new components, solutions and systems for the sectors
oil firing installations, LPG installations, LPG in leisure time
and modern tank management.

In addition to all products, you will find in the price lists numerous
illustrated application examples and extensive additional
information on equipment, technique and regulations for
a quick selection of the correct product.

The new picture price lists 2019 will be sent out to customers
as of 4th December 2018.

You can download the german picture price lists as pdf files
in our download section as of 4th December 2018.

The new gross prices 2019 can be downloaded in our service
 as Datanorm 4 and excel files.

12.11.2018 - Chic in black

Those likely to be seeking a new pressure regulator for their gas-powered barbecue in the near future are advised to look out for a product with a chic black finish. After all, that is the colour of the brand new barbecue regulators from GOK.

It is the first range of pressure regulators to be especially adapted to the requirements of LPG barbecue cooking. Users can choose between the standard model of the BASIC barbecue regulator and the PRO barbecue regulator.

The PRO version stands out with its integrated overpressure safety device - compulsory for professionals -, a manometer for the easy leak testing, as well as an extended inlet nozzle. This means that the PRO barbecue regulator is the perfect match with the increasingly popular BBQ gas cylinders that have a filling weight of eight kilograms.

The barbecue regulators are immediately available at specialist retailers and are part of a complete range for the area of grill & barbecue.

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