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19.02.2018 - Why the hissing noise is necessary

Who has not experienced or heard it before: You turn on the
valve of the gas cylinder and it hisses. Indeed the operator does
not smell any leaking gas, but there will be still a little queasy
feeling. Is something wrong with the gas cylinder? Maybe the
hose line is leaking?

To dispel any concerns, GOK has attended the subject matter
and explained it in the latest video tutorial. Generally you will not
have to worry about if it hisses while opening the gas cylinder
valve. On the contrary: it is even necessary for the operation.

Only one click to get the video. If you´re always interested in
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YouTube channel.

15.01.2018 - GOK Honours Milestone Employees at Christmas Party

At the Christmas party on 21st December 2017 at the Hotel
Maritim, Managing Directors Dieter Kleine and Gerald Unger
presented awards to 40 milestone employees at the company
GOK. All in all, the event was attended by 270 current and
retired employees.

At the Christmas party, employees were honoured and
presented with awards for their many years of commitment,
loyalty and hard work. The milestone employees are those who
have spent 10 or more years at the manufacturer of regulators
and fittings; some, however, have been at the company for 35
or even 40 years. These figures also reflect the philosophy of the
company: motivated staff are supported and challenged through
company-supported training and further education so that they
stay at the company for as long as possible. In the ideal case
scenario, this benefits both the employees and the company.

In their speeches, Managing Directors Gerald Unger and
Dieter Kleine announced another record in terms of turnover.
The forecasts for 2018 are so promising that in the first half
of the year, GOK is planning to complete much of its production
on the basis of two-shift operations. Dieter Kleine, Managing
Partner of the family business, expressed his thanks to all of
the employees once again and emphasised both his personal
recognition as well as his pride in the entire team. Such were his
words: "Without this excellent team, such a successful year
would never have been possible!"

As before, the management team will continue to strongly
support the motto of the company GOK: reinvesting the earned
profits in the company on a continuous basis so as to be fit for
the future. As the third generation of management, the daughter
of the company owner, Evelyn Kleine, will also be helping to
shape this task. In her statement she expressed her thanks for
the warm welcome she had received in the departments in which
she has worked, and stated that she is looking forward to the
future collaboration.

20.12.2017 - Video on the use of an excess flow device in LPG installations

Do you know from which length of the hose an excess flow
device is obligatory? Or where the safety equipment is installed?
And how does it work exactly?

All these questions - and a few more - are answered in the latest
video tutorial on the GOK´s YouTube channel. Particularly
exciting and helpful is a test in which we document the function
of the excess flow device.

Only one click to get the video. If you´re always interested in
useful information about LPG you may subscribe to our
YouTube channel.

20.11.2017 - GOK supports schools in the local Region

“Charity begins at home!” So summarises the Managing Director of GOK, Gerald Unger, the motto of the family-owned business from Marktbreit. In this respect, on 6th November 2017, together with the owner family, represented by Ms Maria Kleine and Mr Dieter Kleine, he presented two donations, each with a value of 5,000 Euros.

The money will benefit the private Leo-Weismantel secondary school in Marktbreit and the public Kitzingen/Ochsenfurt vocational college. Both educational institutes are going to use the money they have been given to make further progress in the area of digitalisation.

GOK has a strong tradition in supporting its local region. Over the last 15 years, a variety of organisations have benefited from the donations, all of which share one thing in common: they serve the local community in Lower Franconia.

The article which was published in the Main Post newspaper is here.

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