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17.07.2018 - Celebration of GOK’s 50th anniversary

GOK celebrated their 50th anniversary at a festive event and handed over donations for regional purposes. Managing Director Gerald Unger guided through the event and presented together with the company owner Dieter Kleine donations for charitable and social projects - to an amount that was adapted to the anniversary.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, GOK donated a total of EUR 50,000 split into equal shares of EUR 10,000 to:

  • Hospital Kitzinger Land for the procurement of an ergometer
  • Local chapter of the Bavarian Red Cross for the procurement of a vehicle for the motorcycle squad
  • Lebenshilfe Kitzingen, a local charitable organization, for the construction of an activity trail for disabled persons
  • Marktbreit Fire Department for additional equipment
  • Spital-Ehrenhof, a local supporters’ association, for the refurbishment of the cultural building

The recipients of the donations as well as Kitzingen District Administrator Tamara Bischof and Marktbreit Mayor Erich Hegwein gave speeches and expressed their gratitude towards GOK for the local commitment.

22.05.2018 - Climate-neutral company - GOK actively campaigns against climate change

For the years 2018 and 2019, GOK will have balanced its
pollutant emissions with so-called climate protection certificates.
In cooperation with the Focus Future GmbH & Co. KG we have
determined our carbon footprint. In order to actively combat the
greenhouse gas-induced climate GOK is supporting
a hydropower plant in Uganda.

We are one of the first companies in our industry that
compensated its emissions under the Kyoto Protocol
voluntarily and we hope that some more will follow.

Read more about this topic in our blog post.

04.04.2018 - Commitment is rewarded

For several years, the company GOK has adhered to the
philosophy of actively supporting its employees by providing
them with further training. “We are well aware of our employees’
potential and of the future challenges surrounding the need for
qualified technical specialists and managers,” reports Gerald
Unger, Managing Director of the company GOK. “In terms
of the forecast shortage of technical specialists, we view the
investments that we make in the training of our employees as
being a key component in securing the future of our company.”

The commitment of the company and the willingness of the
employees to take part in after-work training has recently been
rewarded. At a ceremony that took place on 02 March 2018
in Würzburg, the best graduates of the 2017 German Chamber
of Commerce (IHK) further training examinations were honoured
for their efforts.

Ms Lara Dürr was awarded the Master Prize Certificate for
her excellent efforts during her qualification as an Bachelor
Professional of Human Ressources Management (CCE).

On the photo are shown both price-winners (centre),
the President of Würzburg/Schweinfurt IHK, Otto Kirchner (left),
and the Vice Bavarian Primeminister Ms Ilse Aigner (right).

19.02.2018 - Why the hissing noise is necessary

Who has not experienced or heard it before: You turn on the
valve of the gas cylinder and it hisses. Indeed the operator does
not smell any leaking gas, but there will be still a little queasy
feeling. Is something wrong with the gas cylinder? Maybe the
hose line is leaking?

To dispel any concerns, GOK has attended the subject matter
and explained it in the latest video tutorial. Generally you will not
have to worry about if it hisses while opening the gas cylinder
valve. On the contrary: it is even necessary for the operation.

Only one click to get the video. If you´re always interested in
useful information about LPG you may subscribe to our
YouTube channel.

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