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The gross prices 2014 are valid for deliveries as of 1st January 2014. As of this date, all previous gross prices become void. During the validity of the gross prices 2014, we reserve the right to modify them due to price fluctuations in the purchasing of raw materials.

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Picture price list LPG installations 2014

We have again optimized our product selection in the new picture price list for LPG installations and adapted our product range to the German TRF 2012 (Technical Regulations for Liquid Gas). Moreover, different connectors and adapters of the Geopress system were added to our product range in order to keep up with the trend of using plastic piping and at the same time support the installation of plants which are according to regulations.

Our new picture price list has 228 pages and shows – as usual – many application examples, clear explanations of the safety devices and much more useful information.

6.41 MB | German |

Catalogue LPG regulators

With the slogan Our highest quality for your absolute safety in our English catalogue we have summarized detailed information about LPG installations.

The product selection for European markets shows all components required for a safe installation of LPG tank and cylinder plants. The catalogue has 84 pages.

3.9 MB | English |

Catalogue LPG regulators

The catalogue for LPG installations in Russian language contains all components that fulfill the requirements for a save installation of LPG tanks, tank constructions and bottle systems.

The products fulfill  the technical regulations of the application areas and can be used in following countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc.

4.31 MB | Russian |

Poster Small cylinder plants in Germany – low pressure

In Germany, the use of small cylinder plants and the installation of the correct pressure regulator strongly depend on the field of application.

The poster gives an overview on the main fields of application for small cylinder plants and makes the selection of the type of regulator easier. In addition, it shows the rules which have to be respected and the particular intervals for replacement.

351 KB | German |

Brochure LPG installations

The product selection for Russian market shows all components required for a safe installation of LPG tank and cylinder plants.

811 KB | Russian |
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