GOK Regler- und Armaturen-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG


Obernbreiter Straße 2-18
97340 Marktbreit / Germany

Telephone: +49 9332 404-0
Telefax: +49 9332 404-49
E-mail: info@gok-online.de

Executive board: Dieter Kleine, Gerald Unger

VAT identification no. DE 133017271

Legal form:
Limited partnership (German Kommanditgesellschaft)
with its registered office in Marktbreit,
District Court of Würzburg, HRA 1630;
personally liable partner
GOK Regler- und Armaturen Kleine GmbH,
with its registered office in Frickenhausen,
District Court of Würzburg, HRB 4588, and
Manuel Stöcker, resident in Willanzheim

GOK, Marktbreit


The products shown on our website are intended for sale to specialized dealers or manufacturers only.


GOK has combined the information on this website with a maximum of care and according to current knowledge. All texts and dimensions on the website or in a PDF file are without obligation. The image presentations of products as well as the application and product drawings are examples. We reserve the right to modify constructions. 

Gross prices on the website or in a PDF file are in Euros, VAT as well as packing and shipping costs excluded. The gross prices apply according to the validity period of the corresponding price lists. Upon request, we will inform at all times about the validity of prices and their period of validity. During the validity of the price lists, we reserve the right to change prices following price fluctuations of raw materials. 

We specifically emphasize that each user of these pages is responsible for himself that he has identified correctly the pictures as well as application and product drawings for the requested or already purchased product and that he has looked up the relevant pages for this product. We are not responsible for any user’s confusion with similar or other products of our manufacture.

In case of questions or complaints with reference to the contents on this website or the information given in the download section, please e-mail our marketing department: marketing@gok-online.de

Data protection notice

Data protection information
Dear visitor, welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our company. We would like to put you at ease regarding the handling of your personal data and the way this information is used by us. Therefore, we will tell you in a clear and transparent way what happens to the data collected and which security measures we have put in place to protect such data. In addition, we will clearly inform you as to your statutory rights in connection with the processing of such data.

Personal data
When you visit our website, we do not usually require any personal data from you. We will only register information regarding the name of your internet service provider and the websites you are accessing here. As user of the internet you will remain anonymous, as we analyze and evaluate this data for statistical purposes only (e. g. number of visitors accessing the individual websites).
Personal data will only be collected if you decide to provide them to us, for example in the course of filling out an order form.
At the moment, such data is transmitted without encryption, which means that we cannot completely exclude the possibility that an unauthorized third party could gain access to this data during transmission. However, you also have the possibility to use alternative means of communication (e. g. postal letter or fax) which offer a greater degree of security than e-mail.

At a number of points on our websites we use so-called cookies. They serve to improve the user-friendliness, efficiency and security of our offer. Cookies are small text files that are filed on your computer and stored by your browser (on your internal hard disk drive). These cookies enable us to analyze the way our websites are used, allowing us to design and locate the content of our websites in order to best meet the needs of the website user. Furthermore, these cookies make it possible for us to measure the effectiveness of a specific advertisement, for example and to place it together with topics of interests for a specific user.
Most of the cookies we use are so-called session cookies. They are deleted automatically at the end of your visit to our website. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically. If you would prefer not to transmit this information, generally, you can change the settings of your browser accordingly. In this case, you can still use the offers on our website without any limitations (exception: Configurators).

Web analytics software
On this website, data is collected and stored for marketing and optimization purposes by means of the Open Source web analytics software Piwik (www.piwik.org). Piwik uses so-called cookies, i.e. text files stored on your computer and these enable us to analyze the way our website is used. The information created by each cookie with respect to your usage of this website (including your IP address) is stored on the servers of GOK Regler- und Armaturen-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG and will not be disclosed to any third party except if this is required by statutory regulations. The data  collection is anonymized. Under no circumstances can any further information be used to identify your IP address.
If you access websites and files comprised within this offer and you are required to enter personal data, we expressly advise you that this data will not be encrypted, which means that an unauthorized third party may be able to gain access to or falsify such data. You can object to any  collection and storage of data in the future at any time.

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After having deleted all cookies from your computer, please keep in mind that you again have to object to the collection and storage of data.

User profiles / consent
We will only collect, process or use data for consulting, advertising or market research purposes after having first obtained your permission to do so. Of course, you can revoke your permission at any time.

Use and disclosure of personal data / appropriation
We will collect, process and use any personal data we obtain from you in connection with the usage of our websites only for the purposes indicated. We will take care that such collection, processing and usage is carried out in accordance with the applicable statutory regulations and only with your express consent.

Public directory of procedures / right to information
Upon your request, we will send you our public directory of procedures pursuant to section 4 e BDSG [German Federal Data Protection Act]. Upon your request, we can also send you written information regarding the question which personal data, if any, is stored with respect to your person.

Links to other providers
Our website also contains easily identifiable links to the internet presentations of other companies. Where links to websites of other providers exist, we do not have any influence with regard to their respective contents. Therefore, we cannot assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever for such contents. The respective provider or operator of these websites is at all times responsible for the content of such websites. The linked websites were examined with respect to possible infringements or recognizable violations of legal regulations at the time the link was created. At the time the links were created, no illegal contents were recognizable. However, an ongoing analysis of the linked websites is not reasonable without specific evidence of a possible infringement. As soon as an infringement or violation of statutory regulations becomes known to us, we will immediately delete the links concerned.

Security principles
We have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to protect the data of our employees/customers/suppliers stored with us from any accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or access by an unauthorized third party. The level of security is constantly monitored and adapted to new security standards in cooperation with security experts.

Any questions?
If you have any questions, you can also turn to our data protection officer, who will be pleased to answer your questions.

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